The Data Release Policy of EdiGreen Air Solution Platform

To support the data application promotion plan by Civil IoT Taiwan, as well as facilitate the academic research by non-profit organizations while adding values to this open platform, the EdiGreen Air Solution Platform hosted by Edimax (hereafter referred to as this platform) hereby announces the open data application process below.
1. Data use application through Civil IoT Taiwan website
The EdiGreen air solution purchased through governmental Forward-Looking Infrastructure Plan in 2017 and installed around campus, data can be retrieved from the Civil IoT Taiwan website (
2. Data use application for civil science researches recommended by LASS 
  1. 1. Please visit The PM2.5 Open Data Portal ( by LASS to check for the data. 
  2. 2. For other civil science research requirements, please contact the AirBox research team of Academia Sinica  (02-27883799 # 1669). 
3. Other
Please contact Edimax at for non-academic research or individual or organization with commercial purpose wish to use such data.